11 years ago today:

File Me Away [29 Jan 2005|04:44pm]
Ever had a night where you checked all your inhibitions at the door? Where you threw out all conventional plans and just went without a map? Where you learn so much about a person and still thirst for so much more? To live, if for one night, without any constraints or rules?

FL000010 9
This leading to last night, where after a night of TV viewing over at Blaise’s pad, we decided to go to ihop for coffee and dinner at almost midnight. Five and 1/2 hours later, we were still there, much to the dismay of our waitress … completely hyped up on caffeine like crack heads. We reached a crossroads. We could take ‘Road A’ (Go to our respective homes, sleep for 3 1/2 hours and wake up for modest mouse tickets) or the always more adventurous ‘Road B (where we stay up all night, buy the tickets at 10 am and just find some trouble to get into) …Now, I can’t tell you how many times, faced with this same dilemma that I was talked into Road A … safe, get some sleep …conventional wisdom-type path.
But, sometimes Road A (conventional wisdom) needs to be fucked in the ear … which is what we decided to do on this night.
So, the trip began, not knowing really what we were going to do, but knowing we would have fun doing whatever it is.
So, with over 5 hours of time to spare in a town that shuts down at 11:30, even on a weekend, we decided to get the fuck outta dodge and go to the Monahans Sand Hills and watch the sunrise.
We drive, with coffee, cigarettes, tunes and some fucking awesome convo, which always makes for the best road trips. By the time we got to the Sand Hills, it was still pitch black outside … the sand looked white as snow and there appeared to be nothing within miles of us, except hills and sand. It looked like a classic black and white movie and we were the actors. After surveying the area, we stayed in the car, keeping warm with cigarettes until the opportunity of a sunrise arrived. As it started to lighten up, we seized our opportunity and ran as fast as we could up a hill ’till there was nowhere else to run. We reached a cliff that might as well have been the edge of the world and the sand turned from a grainy white to a shiny gold. The sky became light and the fog of morning engulfed us. we saw no sun, covered by fog, but watched the daybreak surround us. It was after much wrestling around in the sand … and writing obscene comments in the sand that we decided that we should head back to the car, no longer being able to feel our feet, due to the frigid January air.
We traveled around Monahans and looked as the trashiest of trailer parks were decorated with cars from the 70s and 80s and numerous satellite dishes.
We headed back to Odessa, intent to complete our mission of buying tickets to Modest Mouse and finalizing our adventure as if we were Hobbits going through the fiery pits of Mordar.
We met up with Robin and Nichole, bought the tickets, rejoiced in the glory of our moment (YESSSSS! ::pumping fists up and down::) and decided to feast with italian food, completing our adventure without sleep, drugs or alcohol; just two people learning about eachother and connecting in a way that my vocabulary has yet to be able to define.

Yeah, it’s was a pretty nice morning in Monahans, TX, for those of you who did not see it. For once, the world made a little more sense than usual after not sleeping for an entire night …


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