On Second Thought – A Facebook Faux Pas


Can you think of the stupidest thing you’ve posted on Facebook/ twitter/social media?

For some of us, it’s easier than others.

Come to think of it, It’s probably a lot easier to think of the stupidest comment/post that you’ve read.

Very early into Adelaide’s life, I posted something that still sticks with me today:

“Come on people, parenting is not that hard.”

The statement was in reference to some frustration I had endured as a teacher.
The post reflected arrogance, sure. But even more so, it was a statement of a parent that had never been tested.
Not one specific thing is hard about parenting. It’s constant, relentless and unmerciful. Rewarding? Yes. But, without a doubt – being a parent is hard. You are tested in ways you’ve never been tested before.

Yeah, it can be rewarding. But I’ll be honest here, sometimes it isn’t.

There’s nothing rewarding about having a child fall to the ground and refuse to move at a crowded HEB. There’s nothing rewarding about persuading your child to please put on their shoes (for the 100th time) when you are already late and in a hurry.

So far, one of the hardest parts about parenting for me has been stepping back.
For instance, today another kid pushed Asher. My first instinct is that of a bodyguard. I rush in, fold my hands, look down intimidatingly and say “is there a problem here?”
The only problem with this scenario is that it’s probably the worst thing I could do.
The other instinct is to stare at the parent, throw my arms in a questioning motion and blame them.

1368747424265.cached (insert parenting meme here)

I just have to step back and let asher have those experiences. Let him be the one who stands up. And he did – and yes, in this case, that was a little rewarding.

DSC_2431  DSC_2434


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