TRIXIE – A Cautionary Tale/ Living in the Moment, Preparing for the Future


Brother Asher was so happy to be peering over the belly of his pregnant mommy. It’s hard to believe we are now halfway through our pregnancy, and with both of us working and kids going to school, there’s a heavy emphasis at home on living in the moment.

In the moment, that means lunches, dishes, trash, picnics, making costumes, play with cars, and love on Trixie. Which brings us to this:
IMG_2849 Meet Trixie. This was Adelaide’s very first birthday present. Trixie has gone through EVERYTHING! She has been left -and rescued at a restaurant in New Mexico. Some of her first steps were taken walking to Trixie. She has been her sleeping companion for 4 years – and Adelaide has cried EVERY TIME Trixie has gone into the washing machine. She was once briefly retired with a new Trixie, until Adelaide found there was her beloved Trixie in the closet. The fluff really started to come out recently of Trixie, so Alis performed very intricate stitch work to leave Trixie in her current state. She is on the mend, but will never fully recover. So, we are now exploring our next options, which are as so:
1. Read books like the Velveteen Rabbit and gently retire Trixie.
2. Allow Trixie to trudge on into utter stitches and fluff.

We hope for the best.

So, I lost my naming rights when we found out that our baby is a girl – and I couldn’t be happier about that. As much as I would have loved having a child named Axl.  Adelaide got her wish – a baby sister, and Alissa and I got our wish, seeing the baby healthy and everything looking good. The boys are now outnumbered, which I like to think means a special bond for that middle child, our only boy and he can keep all the cars just for himself – you know unless the girls like cars.

So life if good in the moment. We know preparation is to come – we have a baby on the way – we have a Trixie issue that is unavoidable, but we have no complaints. As tired and as stressed as we sometimes are, it’s the process of our family that keeps us loving life.


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