Boy or a Girl?/ $20 Grand and a Child to be Named Later

DSC_2402 Here they are, the current female population of our household. Aren’t they lovely? How many are they? 2? 3? So, tomorrow is the big day, The anticipation amongst the Smith household is in abundance. Is the baby an Uma or a …. Boy? Alis and I have had the same deal for all three kids. A girl – she gets to name. A boy, I get to name. My oh my, what potential. Sure, I’ve imagined my grown kids approaching me one day, and saying, “Oh, by the way dad, my name? You totally nailed it! You captured me – and propelled me to awesomeness! Thanks dad!” – It could happen. I’ve been reading online about how parents are selling the naming rights of their child. Some family in New Jersey is selling their unborn child’s name on ebay. That’s … not altogether crazy. Yes, if someone offers me $20 large, heck yes, you can name my child. “Minute Maid Smith, did you do your homework?” “American Airlines Smith- don’t forget your sandwich.” You don’t even say the middle name, unless the kid is in trouble. American Smith? Ehh… not so bad, I could get used to it. Alissa has already made her decision – if it’s a girl, it’s Uma. No doubts in her mind – she’s made her choice. If the baby is a boy? Well, Dirk has been officially nixed again, so has Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jr. (there’s no wearing her down), so I’ve settled in on a few: Axl ( Heck yeah, I grew up listening to GNR) Egon Ezra Ian Nathaniel But, until Progressive or Mazda calls me, It’s really a big choice, I struggled with Asher’s name – but happy I chose it (though sometimes, I think Alissa whispered wife-approved names in my ear, as I slept). Tomorrow we find out – Predictions?


3 thoughts on “Boy or a Girl?/ $20 Grand and a Child to be Named Later

  1. Congratulations on Uma! I’m sure you would have picked an awesome name though, Eric.

    Alissa looks especially beautiful in that photo!

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