Eek – My Parents Were Replaced with Robots/ A Return To The Blogo’

way back when

Dear Adelaide, Asher and future unnamed child,

This is written for you to read when you’re 16 – or older:

Have you ever thought your parents were “old?” “Predictable?” “Safe?”

Gasp … “mean?”

Well this is to inform you that your parents were indeed once young, weird, and spontaneous beings.

The same people that have enforced bedtime night after night use to stay up all night and prophesize while starring longingly at the stars – wondering what else was out there – wondering about our future.

Your parents use to dye their hair weird colors, like red, purple, and gray – because we couldn’t believe our freedom as adults – that we could.

We once bought cheese in a can and crackers at the grocery store and called it dinner. We ate sugary cereal out of plastic cups because we didn’t want to do the dishes.

At parties and events, your parents were often the weirdest people in the room – often making inside jokes that only we could possibly get – and laughing ridiculously at them.

Alissa and I felt young and wild and sought out adventure. We had no idea what our future held – and loved every minute of it. When we moved to San Antonio (where you were all born), we did so in 6 months, without knowing a soul in the city. We bought a house without jobs, packed our car in the middle of the night, drove in the dark and hoped for the best. (Then we worked our asses off to make it work).

We were dreamers that would fascinate about starting a rock band in the vein of Matt & Kim and The White Stripes (see Wikipedia – if Wikipedia is no longer a thing, ask Mom and Dad).

We write this to tell you that we have parented you for 16 years, we have taught you and watched over you lovingly. We have worried and agonized, making sure we were always making the right decision for you. We have happily dedicated our lives to you. We want you to now make your own choices in the world – using what we have taught you. We want you to know that it’s ok to be young, to be wild, to be different, to be yourselves. It’s OK to not have it all figured out, it’s OK to make mistakes –but your choices DO MATTER, and we trust you to make those choices.

way back 2


One thought on “Eek – My Parents Were Replaced with Robots/ A Return To The Blogo’

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I add to this, Adelaide, Asher, and fetus…

    I was really intimidated by your mother when I first met her. She was young, cool, and I thought she was one of those popular mean girls. I couldn’t have been more wrong about the mean girl part. I soon found in her one of the truest friends I’ve ever had. Now I’m intimidated for entirely different reasons – for all the accomplishments and wisdom she has attained already at her young age.

    I instantly liked your father when I met him. Despite a wicked sense of humor, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. He is the type to laugh at your lame attempt at a joke, not because it was particularly funny, but because he knows it would make you feel good. That is just the type of guy he is. He lights up around you kids and his passion for teaching is inspiring.

    I had the honor of knowing these two wonderful people from when they were the rebellious youths that your father described above to the responsible, yet still awesome, adults they are now. Your parents are good people down to their core. They will trust you to make your own choices, yet I hope you’ll listen to their guidance when it is offered. They know what they’re talking about.

    Still, if you get tired of those boring squares, come hang out with your cool Aunt Julie for awhile. 😉

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