Clear eyes/full heart/ can’t lose

Finally getting around to a new set of maternity photos for the mother-of-2-to-be. I am now off for 2 weeks and am really looking forward to spending with my 2 ladies and the baby-to-be.

We had so much fun taking these maternity photos last go around with Adelaide that we’re going to do it again. It’s still really hard to believe that we’re doing this again. It seems surreal that in a few months, our family of 3 will more to that of 4. I try to remember all the little things when Adelaide was a tiny baby. The getting up every few hours, the constantly changing diapers, all of those things, but it was such a blur that I can’t really remember most of those. Now, we’ll get to relive them.

I am really excited for Adelaide to be a big sister. She doesn’t really get it yet, but I just think she’ll be great at it. She already takes care of her parents. when we stub our toes, she’s there to pat our backs and says “don’t worry dadda-pappa” and then she touches us with her dolls hair, which, evidently, has healing powers!


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