11 years ago today:

File Me Away [29 Jan 2005|04:44pm] Ever had a night where you checked all your inhibitions at the door? Where you threw out all conventional plans and just went without a map? Where you learn so much about a person and still thirst for so much more? To live, if for one night, without any constraints or […]

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Of Miracles And Moments

There you are Uma, my first glimpse of you, and of course you’re staring back at me. (photo cred for all photos in this post except this one go to Jackie Willome Photography) I found new love in this moment. I loved you instantly. In this moment, I have a ‘bright light’ moment, similar to what people […]

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

My (self imposed) exodus from El Blogosphere has (not so coincidently) spanned the life of my son, Asher. Looking back at this blog- I see that we chronicled Adelaide’s early days with a Truman Show-esque zest. Nowadays, there’s so much life to experience and very little time to document the results. Rebooting this blog is […]

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Eek – My Parents Were Replaced with Robots/ A Return To The Blogo’

Dear Adelaide, Asher and future unnamed child, This is written for you to read when you’re 16 – or older: Have you ever thought your parents were “old?” “Predictable?” “Safe?” Gasp … “mean?” Well this is to inform you that your parents were indeed once young, weird, and spontaneous beings. The same people that have […]

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